fleet vehicles
 services we offer, Car stereo , car alarms, reverse cameras, dash cameras, gps trackers, UHF radios, lights, DCDC chargers and so much more

When it comes to commercial fleet vehicles, vans, Utes and even trucks. We have some great dash camera solutions. Take a look at the Iroad x30

The Exterior Waterproof Rear Camera is the best 3rd channel choice for vehicles with no rear windshield, such as large commercial vehicles or RVs and campervans
The 20m length cable ensures a comfortable installation of the camera, while the IP69K IP rating proves its high resistance to external environment factors (dust, moisture, liquids etc.) The infrared LEDs ensure clear recordings even in low-light
With the FHD 140″ wide angle recording, the Exterior Waterproof Rear camera can be used not only to keep watch on the road behind, but it can prove useful to fleet managers wishing to monitor freight
loading/unloading remotely
Remote monitoring can be done through the Cloud capabilities and online platform